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Cat Scratching Posts

Catit Play N Scratch Green.
Catit Play 'n Scratch provides cats with a safe place for exercise and scratching. Play 'n Scratch is a scratcher-and-toy-in-one consisting of a durable plastic platform with a scratch pad located at the centre and a tracking ball that rolls around the perimeter. There's also a spring toy with a fluffy pom-pom for additional fun and enticement.
Catit Scratching Board Chaise Butterfly Design.
The Catit scratching board is Combining contemporary shapes with stylish patterns and is a modern twist on conventional scratchers.
Catit Scratching Board Lounge Jungle Stripes Design.
The Catit jungle stripe design is combining both contemporary shapes with stylish patterns, which is a modern twist on conventional scratchers.
Classic Sisal Cat Mat.
An exquisite looking paw print mat. Can be hung or laid flat, with a sisal mat center this will become a sure delight for your feline friend to exercise his clawing instincts with out the price of renewing your furniture.
Premo Deluxe
The fantastic acticat range really is the cat's whiskers! Combined hardwearing sisal rope, super soft plush and tempting toys to create a unique range of adventure for your cat.
Allow your cat or kittens to enjoy this fabulous tri-ball scratch post. Watch them have hours of fun!!!