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Hamster Supplies

Classic Hamster See-Saw
The classic hamster see-saw provides your little friend with endless hours of fun and exercise.
Classic Hamster TV, 5"
A super duper cool hamster product in bright yellow, don't miss out buy today!
£2.20 £3.99
Clean 'N' Tidy Potty 'N' Litta
This small but stylish pod shaped litter tray, which entices your furry friend to keep Clean 'N' Tidy.
Karlie Hamster Playground Seesaw Tunnel.
The Karlie seesaw will provide hours of fun for your furry friend to enjoy.
Karlie Hamster Playground Swing.
Watch your Hamster or small animal enjoy playing and exercising on this wooden swing.
Our Loof A Tassle provides natural nibbling fun for your small animal. 30cm x 7cm
This Loof A Tassle will provide your furry friend with lots of entertainment whilst nibbling.
Potty Litt'a' Hamster Litter Pet Cage Toilet 470g
The newest way to toilet train your hamster or gerbil, whilst saving money on your bedding and sawdust.
£2.49 £3.99
Small 'N' Furry Climb 'N' Ladder Small
Watch your small furry friend climb and play and exercise whilst having lots of fun!
Small 'N' Furry Crink 'L' Den, 10X10CM
Your furry friend will have a comfy snug in which to hide away or play.