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Autarky Complete Adult - Chicken Dinner. 12KG

Autarky Adult is 100% Natural and is specifically formulated with a host of beneficial ingredients. Tasty chicken and rice. Formulated to promote overall well-being for the active adult dog

Autarky Complete Mature & Lite. 12KG

Autarky mature – lite is made with natural ingredients such as chicken accompanied with rice, vegetables and herbs, which is a naturally wholesome dog food designed to meet the nutritional needs of mature and senior dogs.

Autarky Mature Lite Salmon, 12KG.

Autarky mature lite feed in Salmon is designed to help the more mature dog continue to enjoy life to the full. Typically for dogs over 7 years of age. The combination of salmon and rice has a host of benefits to help avoid weight gain in an older dog who may be slowing down.

Autarky Puppy / Junior, 12KG.

Autarky puppy & junior dog food is the best way to providing your puppy with the correct nutrition. With small bite size pieces of kibble it will be hard for your new loved puppy to resist, our appetising recipe with a combination of tasty chicken, rice, herbs and vegetables. Recommended for approximately 8-12 months.