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Classic Tri-Bone Flyer Assorted

The tri-bone flyer is ideal for throw and fetch games. The flyer floats so can also be used for training in water.

Duck thrower toy.

The duck thrower dog toy form House of paws is a fun playful toy. With elastic parts to the ducks body your dog will find a game of tug of war a real pleasure. Comes with squeaker for added fun!!!

Happy Pet Gaudy Pheasant.

The happy pet Gaudy Pheasant will offer hours of fun for the hunting breads that need something to stimulate their natural hunting instincts to the full.

Happy Pet Knot Ring.

The Nuts for Knots Ring is bound to keep a dog busy for hours. The tightly twisted cotton rope ensures long lasting durability, and is great on dogs gums and teeth.

Happy Pet Pull My Leg Elephant.

This soft plush Elephant toy will keep your pet entertained for hours, with your supervision. Each arm is attached to a leg and can be pulled from side to side, creating a great deal of fun and facination. Each foot has a squeaker. Attractive and fun!!!

Knotty teddy bear.

These delightful knotty teddy bear from Pet Brands is the perfect toy for a puppy or small dog to get their teeth into. Made from 100% high Cotton ropes.

Noisy Pig dog toy.

Super Cool Cord Toy, actually makes the animal noise when squeezed.

Pheasant ball thrower.

This life like pheasant with added cord and tennis ball will be the ultimate toy for any dog that has the instincts to hunt. So a Labrador or Spaniels best friend.

Pocket Rocket Chuck N Play by Ruff N Tumble

A smaller version of the scoop and sling tennis ball for your dog's playtime!

Ruff 'N' Tumble Chuck 'N' Play Tennis Ball.

The Ruff 'n' Tumble chuck 'n' play tennis ball thrower is made with quality plastic materials used for greater quality flexibility when launching the tennis ball long distances. 

Ruff 'N' Tumble dog ball

An exciting addition to your pets play time. Rubb R Planet is a rubber throw and fetch toy, equipped with an area in the top and bottom to put treats in. Colours will be dispatched at random.

Ruff 'N' Tumble Serve N Sling Retractable Ball Thrower.

The Sharples 'n' Grant Ruff 'N' Tumble serve 'n' sling retractable ball thrower is a must for the dog owners that like to show off a bit of style when throwing a ball. You can adjust the length of the ball thrower to suit its owner of size of dog. Very helpful when picking up your dogs ball on a wet and muddy day as there is no reason why you should get your hands dirty!!!

Ruff 'N' Tumble Tennis Ball & Rope Dumbell 180g.

This rope and ball will give hours of tugging fun with your playful friend.

Ruff 'N' Tumble Tennis Balls

Ruff 'N' Tumble Tennis Balls. Perfect for adventurous dog that wants to run and retrieve a ball during play. An ideal replacement for the pocket rocket throw set.

Sharples 'N' Grant - Rope 'n' ball.

The Sharples 'n' Grant rope 'n' ball will give you and your dog lots energized fun. The rope 'n' ball comes in a variety of colours to entice your dog to play.

Sharples 'n' Grant - Ruff 'n' tumble six coloured tennis ball set.

These vibrant coloured tennis balls are the perfect ball for you to throw and for your dog to retrieve. The perfect replacement ball for the Ruf 'n' tumble chuck 'n' play.

Tweed Plush Fox Green.

This luxury made plush green tweed fox, will enjoy hours of comfort and play for your dog.

Twisty Duck Stripe Cord

This twisty duck is a superb toy to give your pet hours of enjoyment with a squeaker inside.

Twisty Pig Toy.

This twisty pig toy will create hours of play, contains a squeaker for added fun.

Twisty Plush Cow.

Twisty Plush Cow from the House of Paws range is a fun unique looking toy. Easy to throw and easy for your pet to carry, providing hours of fun. Contains a squeaker for added fun!!!