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Wagg Complete Beef & Veg, in 1KG or 12KG

Wag has no artificial colours, flavours, or added sugar. But it's full of prebiotics, vitamins and extracts to aid digestion and build a healthy immune system.

Wagg Complete Chicken & Veg. Available in 1KG, 2.5KG and 12KG

With added citrus antioxidants to help protect the immune system Omega oils for healthy skin and coat With prebiotics to help improve digestion With added yucca to help reduce flatulent odours With no artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar.

Wagg Complete Kennel Beef, 1KG and 6KG

Healthy from nose to tail. For active working dogs. B vitamins for energy. Healthy teeth and digestion. Strong immune system. Healthy skin & glossy coat. No added sugar. No artificial colours or flavours.

Wagg Complete Kennel Chicken, 1K and 6KG.

Our special chicken diet is available in a handy sized small pack, ideal for smaller working dogs. .

Wagg Complete Original Beef & Veg, 2.5KG.

A complete, premium dry dog food, Wagg Complete Original Beef Veg has been on the market for over twenty years and is one of the most popular, bestselling dry dog foods in the UK.

Wagg Complete Premium, 2KG.

Wagg Complete Premium with Chicken, Rice and Veg is a complete pet food for dogs. Wagg Complete Premium with Chicken, Rice and Veg is a balanced formulation packed full of ingredients to help keep your dog in top condition.

Wagg Complete Puppy, 2KG.

A premium puppy food that has been formulated to help give your puppy the best start in life. It contains quality protein to help develop strong muscles and assist with growth, calcium for strong teeth and bones along with antioxidant vitamins. We also add citrus extracts for a strong immune system. All this and outstanding value too!

Wagg Complete Senior, 2KG.

Our senior complete dry dog food contains Glucosamine and Chrondroitin combined with added fish and fish oils to help promote mobile and supple joints in dogs of all ages. It also contains L-carnitine, which may help with weight control in older, less active dogs*.

Wagg Complete Sensitive, 12KG.

A premium complete dry dog food containing chicken and rice, this food has been carefully formulated to help dogs with diet related allergic reactions. It contains no dairy, soya or added wheat, instead we add maize, rice and porridge oats as sources of carbohydrate and energy.

Wagg Complete Worker Chicken, 17KG.

Our tasty working dog food with added chicken and peas. Each mouthful contains partially soluble fibre to help gut motility and a prebiotic to support healthy digestion. With added vitamins, and citrus extract for a strong immune system, making this food a delicious choice for active and working dogs. With added B vitamins to help energy metabolism.

Wagg Complete Worker, 17KG.

One of our most popular diets offering a complete dry dog food ideal for all working dogs. Each biscuit contains optimum levels of protein and carbohydrates to provide energy for active dogs and added B vitamins to help energy metabolism. With tasty crunchy kibbles, this food is a nutritious option for active and working dogs.

Wagg Meaty Chunks Beef or Chicken. 2.75 KG.

Wagg Moist Meaty Chunks with Beef have a soft chewy texture dogs love. Enriched with vitamins, minerals and protein they help to keep your dog in top condition. Wagg Moist Meaty Chunks with Beef provide a balanced nutritious meal for a healthy happy dog.